June 4th: North American Productivity Workshop


The North American Productivity Workshop (NAPW) is a biennial conference held in North America in even years and its sister conference European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis (EWEPA) is held in odd years. It brings together researchers in economics, operations research, management science, engineering and a wide variety of application areas to discuss the latest innovations in efficiency and productivity research.

The 9th NAPW was held in Ottawa Canada from June 4th to the 7th. Keynote speakers included Ariel Pakes, Thomas Professor of Economics (Harvard University), Erwin Diewert, Professor in the Vancouver School of Economics (University of British Columbia)(University of British Columbia), William Greene, Robert Stansky Professor of Economics and Toyota Motor Corp. Professor of Economics (New York University), John C. Haltiwanger, Dudley and Louisa Dillard Professor of Economics and Distinguished University Professor (University of Maryland), Dale Jorgenson, Samuel W. Morris University Professor of Economics (Harvard University), and Robin C. Sickles,Reginald Henry Hargrove Professor of Economics, Professor of Statistics (Rice University and Visiting Professor of Production Econometrics University of Loughborough).

Andrew Johnson’s research team made two presentations (links below). Both will be chapters in José Luis Preciado Arreola Ph.D. dissertation, the first of which has been accepted for publication in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

A Birth-Death Markov Chain Monte Carlo method to estimate the number of states in a state- contingent production frontier model”, José Luis Preciado Arreola (Texas A&M University), Andrew (Andy) Johnson (Texas A&M University).

“A Semi-parametric Bayesian Concave Regression Method to Estimate Production Frontiers”, José Luis Preciado Arreola (Texas A&M University), Andrew (Andy) Johnson (Texas A&M University).


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